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Liberty Island Cuba is loved by tourists for its luxurious nature, excellent beaches and a lot of colonial and revolutionary attractions. The white-stone beauty of Havana, the resorts of Varadero and Holguin, rum, cigars and Fidel

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A bit about the country


Almost all of Cuba is one continuous coastline with beach resorts. Closer to the center of the island are more authentic Cuban towns and villages with local flavor and historical attractions. Cuba is a fairly compact country, and you can easily travel around it all in a couple of weeks. The capital of Cuba, Havana, is one of the most beautiful cities in the New World. This is many eras in one city: colonial palaces, Cadillacs from the 50s and modern skyscrapers. Havana has more than 25 km of sandy beaches, and almost all of them are crowded. On the beaches and streets of the city there are many restaurants serving Mediterranean cuisine, everywhere they dance salsa, drink mojitos and lead an idle lifestyle in every possible way. In the same city there is the famous El Floridita bar, where Ernest Hemingway loved to go - behind the bar there is a monument to the writer.

A visa to Cuba is not required for a period of no more than 30 days.
The country's currency is in tourist areas - Convertible Cuban Peso CUC, in the rest of the country - Inconvertible Cuban Peso CUP

How to get there

The easiest and fastest way to get to Cuba is direct non-stop regular Aeroflot flights Moscow - Havana (about 12 hours of flight, departure from Sheremetyevo).


The climate of Cuba is tropical trade wind, the temperature regime is moderated by the influence of the ocean. Throughout the year, high humidity is felt, which, combined with high temperatures, requires some acclimatization, but on the coast the heat is moderated by constant winds from the ocean. Conventionally, two periods can be distinguished: the dry season (from October to May) and the wet rainy season (from June to September). The best time to go to Cuba is from November to April, when beach holidays are in full swing here. The rainy season begins in May (about 10 rainy days per month) and lasts until about October, and in October and November there is a hurricane season, which is also fickle, but can slightly overshadow the holiday.

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