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Considered a popular tourist destination due to the abundance of architectural monuments, palaces and other attractions

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The Islamic Republic of Iran (officially Persia until 1935) is one of the largest states in South-West Asia. In the north, Iran is washed by the waters of the Caspian Sea, in the south by the Persian and Oman Gulfs. It borders with Turkey (in the northwest), Afghanistan and Pakistan (in the east), Iraq (in the west), as well as with the countries of the former USSR - Armenia, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan (in the north). The capital is Tehran.

E-Visa available
Iranian rial
Farsi, Afghani and Tajik
UTC+3:30 (in summer - UTC+4:30)

How to get there

From March to October, direct flights are established between Minsk and Tehran (the flight is operated by Belavia Airlines). The flight takes about 4 hours. In addition, you can get to Iran by making a transfer, for example, in Istanbul (Turkish Airlines - Turkish Airlines). The flight, including connections, will take about 8 hours.


The most suitable time for a holiday in Iran is considered to be from March to April and from October to November. But it should be remembered that the territory of Iran is divided into several climatic zones. To choose the most favorable period for visiting the country, you should decide on your destination. For example, the capital of Iran, Tehran, is comfortable to be in, including in the summer. And in the resorts of the Persian Gulf with a few hotels, sweltering heat reigns in summer (over 40 ° C).

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Iran is a modern and prosperous Islamic country with a rich historical heritage. It is considered a popular tourist destination due to the abundance of architectural monuments, palaces and other attra...

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